True Blue Check Large Tablecloth

True Blue Check Large Tablecloth

True Blue Check weaves a dark and a medium blue together for a snappy, crisp, summer blue design. It POPs on the table and makes everything else pop with it. Layer some New Vintage Designs on top! It goes with Fruit Basket and True Blue Teapot in the best way. True Blue Check is also made to order for Fleur. It is printed on 100% Cotton Twill and comes as a 57” x 90” large rectangle. The Large Rectangle gives a generous drape on a 6-foot-long table.


    All Mim & Poppy products are machine washable with cool water on a delicate setting. Tumble dry and iron on the wrong side of the fabric for best results.


    We want you to have a great experience using your new tablecloth! If you are not satisfied, you may return your order for a full refund.